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Do you need help choosing one or more system?
Maybe a Goliath ERP systems is right for you.  Maybe it’s not.
Maybe you should own and run the software, maybe an Internet-accessed solution is better.
We can help you with the strategic planning and analysis required know what needs you want to satisfy with your new system.
Then we can help you choose that system that BEST fits your particular organizational needs and help customize it to deliver maximum value for you.

Do you already have your system of choice but it’s not delivering the value you want or expected?

Many CRM, SFA and ERP manufacturers will tell you that they deliver 80% of what you need and the balance is delivered through customization.  Well, that customization and the ease and desire of use from your team is where the rubber truly meets the road.
We can help with
 - aligning the system capabilities you use with your strategic sales plans and goals
- aligning the system capabilities with your strategic customer service initiatives
- customizing for better value from your investment
- improving adoption through value planning, ease of use, customization and training.

We’ll be there for you -  
Lot’s of software manufacturers want to sell their products and move on.  They are simply not focused on handling the details of customizing and matching system capabilities to your particular organization. They leave it up to you and to extract the maximum value out of your system investment.  That’s where we can help, by making your software investment pay off for you in your real world.

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The systems you choose are just the beginning. How you use the systems you choose and how they work together makes all the difference.
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Sales System Consulting


We explore, with you, your ENTIRE sales process including lead handoff, lead conversion, and mining of your existing customers for more sales and referrals for new customers.

We work with and consult with in-house marketing, sales and IT staffs and with your executive team as well as with your outside marketing agencies and sales trainers.

Let us help you close more leads and generate more business from existing customers. We’ll energize your sales team with sales support processes that are easiest to use and that convert the most leads to customers.     

Sales System Consulting