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Converting more Leads to New Customers

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Easy to say, complicated to do well
For example, in the sales process
for generating new customers,
each successful company MUST
1 have a strategy that aligns with
   the overall company strategy,
 2 align sales process, people and
   technology with that strategy
   and with each other
3 have well defined hand-off rules
   from lead qualification to sales
    to sales service.
Peter Drucker, well known business consultant and author said
that a business has just three things it must do:
1 Find a customer
2 Make a customer happy
3 Innovate the way it finds and satisfies a new customer.
If you are not doing all of these things well, guess who is...

Probably your competition is.  Process and technology excellence are required to be competitive today. Improvements in technology give the “haves” an increasingly larger advantage over the “have nots”.  In a difficult economy, you need every advantage.  
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