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About AM&B Marketing.

Help client companies increase their revenue and decrease their costs by becoming more efficient and effective in their sales activity management and sales process marketing.
The History
AM&B Marketing Corp. was founded in 1987 to provide sales and marketing services to other organizations.  Since that time, the company focus has changed to one of helping client companies manage their marketing and sales processes more effectively.
AM&B Marketing Corp. has provided sales process and business process consulting to small, privately held companies, to OTC traded companies and to Fortune 500 companies.
The President
Steve Hosmer is an engineering school graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.  He has been involved in sales process consulting and sales and marketing since the mid 70s.  He originally founded AM&B Marketing Corp. in 1987 to  provide sales and marketing services and later expanded the service offerings to include CRM systems and consulting for CRM and  SFA across a broad range of industries.  Consulting service are platform independent  
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About AM&B Marketing Corp.


About AMB Marketing